Develop digital assets that actually help and delight your customers and users, not just once but over multiple brand interactions and payment points.

If you seek to unlock business and personal goals using digital products, whether it is a long-term partnership to develop your digital product, a digital idea you are finally ready to embark on, or need assistance on a running digital project to get it over the finish line. Kujenga Digital is the right partner for you

We offer

Digital Product Development

We excel at having you walk in with nothing but an idea, vision and some budget to get things off the ground.

Our services are structured to create the best possible digital product for you and your users/clients.

Project Assistance

We not only tinker with our own in-house products, we also offer our digital expertise on a number of products where requested

We do have certain factors and criteria that need to be met before we sign on to determine duration, responsibilities and remuneration on the project.

Long-Term Retainers

We only push for retainers that are longer than 6 months to ensure that you get the maximum results possible.

Anything shorter will not allow us to create the results that we pride on delivering to our clients. .

So don’t be that brand or business that spends the next year stumbling about, campaign after campaign, new platform after the latest trends, reacting to what the next “success” is doing. Let us show you, your true path to the success your business is currently reflecting

Your eyes will be open to where you should make changes internally to achieve the vision you see.

Our Services


Learn exactly what is going on in your business and who really matters in making it what it is before starting to design a website, business card or next email or whatsapp blast

Analytics and Reporting

We use the data we gather from each channel and then properly analyse to allow us to provide meaningful reports and take actions that move your business forward

Video Production

Our creative video production team that helps businesses & brands to achieve more results with video.

Content Marketing

We make content marketing simple by providing a full‑service solution to help companies strategize, create, publish, and distribute content that accomplishes their goals.

Digital Product Development

Become the proud owner of a digital experience that delivers the business and customer value you want.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer online marketers, business owners and SEO companies the search engine optimization solutions that they really need without stressing about what SEO really is.

Email Marketing

We offer a customized, powerful Email + CRM tools service streamlined for growth-focused entrepreneurs and businesses

Social Media Marketing

Our solutions are customized to address your needs and offer peace of mind by maintaining these channels so that you may focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business.

Display & Youtube Advertising

Our display advertising services will help you reach qualified prospects and generate excellent sales leads with high potential for conversion.

Per-per-click Advertising

The immediacy of paid search campaigns will allow you to drive traffic, leads and revenue to your website within a remarkably short time frame

Get in touch and let us discuss your digital plans, goals, visions and dreams.

Let us see how we can turn them into a reality.