The Past

How we began


Kujenga Digital was formed in June 2015 with digital, graphic design & content services at its core.

Aim & Purpose

The aim was to partner and fully purpose of servicing concept start-ups its founder was involved in.

Knock & Detour

The first 2 concept projects didn't go well. We decided to take a step back and focus on external work.

Digital meets Lifestyle

In 2017, we shifted our focus to platform-focused project work with established brands.

Melting Pot

The journey continued working & innovating on several start-up brands by mixing disciplines.


2019 saw Kujenga getting back to focusing to its internal projects and Africa vision and less external work.

Africa Focus

Kujenga joined forces with The Pan African Culture Experience to promote African Culture & Heritage

Covid Strikes

The world is hit by Covid and digital changes, evolves and innovates culture as we know it.

Accelerated Evolution

Kujenga is forced to evolve as company and its offerings to meet a changing world.