The digitization of business has given businesses large and small the ability to gather data and analyse it to make informed decisions

We love digging through data to find actionable insights and trends that will help your business achieve more

We use the data we gather from each channel and then properly analyse to allow us to provide meaningful reports and take actions that move your business forward

Step 1

The first step to good analysis is ensuring all possible resources for data collection are active and connected.

The default data that is collected like visits, visitors, time-on-site and other top line numbers can be helpful, but they aren’t the most important for most businesses.

Most businesses have different Key Performance Indicators. We extensively collect data across all areas of digital marketing including social media analytics, website analysis, SEO, Adwords conversion and performance tracking and website conversion tracking.

Step 2

The second step is working to help identify and collect data on your business’s digital KPIs.

Having identified the metrics that matter to your business, it is important to collect that data, so it can be used as a basis for business decisions.

Step 3

Finally, we analyse that data, and share the resulting actionable insights with the client.

Then we come up with experiments to further improve performance, test those experiments, analyse that data, and repeat.

The end result of this iterative process is that your business’s performance is continuously improving on the performance metrics that matter for your business.

Analytics goes beyond your website and Google Analytics encompasses every facet of your business’s web presence including social, email, paid search, your website, and everything in between.

Using the data we gather from each channel and properly analysing it will allow us to provide meaningful reports and take actions that move your business forward.

We offer 3 forms of reporting:


Each month you receive a custom made report which covers the “need to know details” about your website. These tailored reports include pertinent information regarding your specific digital touchpoints, gathering the data that matters most and personalized just for you.

Each monthly report is culmination of digital touchpoint essentials, numbers that matter most. Social media interactions, ad reach and effectiveness, content performance, website stats, how often users return, the peak hours of business and most importantly, conversions.

The monthly digital marketing analytics reports are created to be easy to follow and understand. These reports are unique to your business, which target specific information that pin-points possible growing hurdles and performance accolades.


The bedrock of our reporting framework, our quarterly reports follow the OKR framework. So your digital goals set in your strategy are then broken down into Objectives.

These objectives are then mapped across your digital channels and customer’s journey. On these channels, Key-Results are derived and these become the target KPI’s your business needs to achieve to see digital success.

Each report comes with a breakdown of performance across weeks leading up to the 3 month interval.

This stream of information is then compared to the set target KPIs and patterns are collected and laid out to show next actionable steps for your business to take with your digital audience

The quarterly analytics report are created to be used in complement with the monthly reports to validate trends and patterns seen in the data allowing you to make better data-driven business decisions for your stakeholders online.


Our annual report is a culmination of all your digital efforts for the whole year. This report is a high-level report showing the fundamental truths surrounding your business, its intended goals for the year, your digital efforts and your stakeholders’ interaction and engagement with those digital channels.

These reports are more high-level the other 2 reports but offer the high-level information and insights required to inform a yearly strategy. This yearly report is backed up by 12 month reports and 4 quarter yearly reports.

Optimize and execute customer-focused data-driven marketing automation and analytics programs that maximize your digital marketing investment.

Empower your brand to successfully target and reach specific customers with relevant contextualized messages that drive conversions.

The reports we provide help you run effective, responsive marketing campaigns, leverage campaign insights to improve their performance and accomplish their KPI’s.

Find out how well your business's digital analytics and reporting is performing