Digital & Brand Innovation on and off the Golf Course

When we got on-board with CGI in June 2017, it was loosely connected group of like-minded individuals who got together every 3 months for their Major game. Our job was to bring an image of a premier social club with a thriving golf lifestyle to increase membership involvement.

Cigar Golf Invitational is a social club that for 5 years has been a centre of creating a golf lifestyle amongst its members of good standing and now expanding to not solidify collection and connection of all its members and its networks but start creating lasting change in the communities they influence.

In 2019, CGI now hosts month club challenges alongside the Majors, upcoming chairman’s CSI challenge a growing social media presence, digital interaction points on its website to interact various stakeholders (members, partners, community members, NGOs, etc) and a network of businesses and brands aimed at business and community development.

CGI has been our longest running client of over 2 years and it has been a journey! In June 2017, CGI asked us what we could bring the club as it was suffering from 2 problems: Lacklustre internal passion and enthusiasm of members and lack of brand perception with external stakeholders.

The first moves was to in lifestyle brand sponsorships to get members excited about the games and create content around the games. We brought in Remy Martin and our own content team to capture the day.

This has seen us every 3 months capture every Major game where all members gather to come connect, catch, relax and aid one another

With the new CGI Leadership of 2019/2020, building on the efforts of the 2017/2018 team, CGI have seen rapid expansion in its outreach efforts. Social Media activities have become a weekly activity serving as a primary platform for the club to intimately connect with external stakeholders (general public, media, prospective suppliers, communities)

We designed the website for mostly internal stakeholders (members, CGI network, golf courses & existing suppliers). The website is a snapshot of what exactly is happening with CGI. A digital diary and archive of the club. So the members know exactly where they stand on the scoreboard, those individuals, brands & businesses wanting to get involved with CGI have their own real estate to not only shine to the CGI and its networks and golf game oriented suppliers know exactly what to expect from the CGI when partnering up with them.

It’s about using as few platforms to communicate all your messages to all the people (stakeholders as we call them) at the same time.

Maximising your relationships, as real-time as possible, is the only sustainable key to making all that money between cutting costs & higher pricing.

Become a long-term client like CGI, and gain access to digital strategy, platform management, content development and reporting that allows you to maximizing your relationships with all your stakeholders in real-time to generate revenue from what you already have in place as a business or brand.

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