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We want you, as a digital project / product owner and/or business, to know whether we, as Kujenga Digital, are a good fit for and if our structure and approach works for you

The Story So Far

Kujenga Digital has always has for-thinking in its DNA since Day 1. Kujenga Digital was originally meant to serve 2 purposes.

  1. Be a factory for digital products & innovation
  2. Be a service provider for anyone needing high quality and impacting digital branding and design.

After 3 and half years of helping building and service multiple brands and businesses, we decided in 2018 to look what we wanted for the next 6 and half years.

What are began as simple exercise in trying to plot a competitive edge in the sea of digital marketing or brand design companies ended up with a year’s journey (not without its bumps and challenges) of redesigning and restructuring the company, from bouncing between service provider and digital product developer, into a full digital product innovation company.

What we have a new company from the inside (business strategy, structure and offerings) to the outside (new logo, website, branding, communications approach)

For more details on what we can do for you, see our services and approach to work

How We Work

What we all About

  • Projects and Content about Food (African, Chinese, Sushi, all of… )
  • Projects and Content about making African smaller businesses grow better
  • Clients and Projects that are digital products focus on improving everyday living and lifestyle.
  • Clients who have a digital product or idea to make money online
  • Clients who have money ready to invest in their project
  • Clients and Projects focused on long-term results on the African continent.
  • Clients and Projects focused on creating long-term African impact and growth.
  • Clients and Projects focused on developing African communities for the better.

What we avoid

  • Clients looking for a short term fix
  • Clients with an idea and no plan to execute it
  • Clients who can’t explain how their business runs in under 2mins
  • Clients who have no long-term vision on where their project should end up
  • Clients who want better for cheaper
  • Clients who don’t understand that investment in your digital presence and capabilities is required to bring in good results

The company’s renewed purpose is to provide strategic digital product implementation and maintenance to our in-house and client digital products. Whether it is strategy digital communications to the actual development and maintenance of the product.

Kujenga Digital is here to maximize the value and output of your digital products you offer to your customers and users.


Kujenga’s new structure is focused creating value for our clients, not just in what we offer your digital products and business but also how we run our own business. These lessons, sometimes learned the hard way, have been distilled into this structure to ensure that our company is ready to handle your project and the challenges it brings to all those involved.

There’s nothing new about this structure, just what has been tested over time. The company is now focused into 3 parts.

  1. Operations (Strategy, Platform Management, Content & Reporting);
  2. People Facing (Marketing/PR, Sales, Content & Service); and
  3. Back of house (Admin/Management & Finance)

Kujenga Digital has always been a small team usually working with other digital and branding companies to assist with workloads. Since day 1, we have advocated a flexible, work-from-anywhere policy which has led us to develop a core team of remote professionals spanning as far as London.

With our new structure, we have beefed up operations teams to include full stack developers, UI designers and content specialists. Our renewed focus on digital products has seen us also get additions in our marketing, sales and stakeholder services and a team manager to handle the various tasks and communications across different projects and teams involved.

Partner with a company that is only focused giving you the best offerings and services, but has been restructured from the ground-up to assist and guides you to greatness through your digital journey from set short-term objectives to long term goals & results.

To find out if we are the fit for you. Get in touch and let us discuss your needs

Let us see how we can turn your vision into a reality.