Are you selling every day and for how long?

Why are you letting money pass through your digital fingers?

55% of South Africa’s internet users actually make online purchases with average revenue per user (ARPU) going towards consumer goods sitting at around R 1 200 a month.

According to Global Digital Yearbook for 2019, South Africa has an internet penetration rate of 54%, which represents a connected population of over 31 million people. South Africans spend the 6th longest time online, connected for an average of 8 hours and 25 minutes each day, on any device, spending almost 5 hours a day, on average, glued to our computer screens.

With 40% of the population using social platforms, we have some 23 million people taking part of the conversation on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

Why are you letting money pass through your digital fingers?

Our core focus is developing digital products that actually help and delight the user, not just once but over multiple brand interactions and payment points.

This can mean developing an entire project from scratch, taking over from a certain point or coming to assist on a project for a set period of time or outline of tasks and responsibilities.

Digital Product Development

We excel at having you walk in with nothing but an idea, vision and some budget to get things off the ground. Our services are structured in such a way to take you through all of them in order to create the best possible digital product for you and your users.

So we start you with the Strategy then work our way to Platform Development & Management, we then create the necessary content to showcase your value. We finally track and collect data on your digital efforts so as to guide you and it over its lifetime. While services do need to be used in combination with others, we highly recommend bundling Kujenga’s services for optimal results.

Long-Term Retainers

Rome was not built in a day, and we’ve learned from experience, just shipping a product and letting the client sail off into the digital unknown has often brought more shipwrecks than discoveries of new lands. This breaks our hearts and, sadly, more than the client’s heart.

So we only push for retainers that are longer than 6 months to ensure that you get the maximum results possible.

Anything shorter will not allow us to create the results that we pride on delivering to our clients. So if you are focused on long-term growth or see yourself pushing and managing a digital product from 2020 to 2025, you have come to the right company.

Project Assistance

While we are usually tinkering with our own in-house digital products, we usually get requests to come offer our digital expertise on certain projects.

While we love a good challenge, experience has taught us to fully scope out and understanding a project before taking it on. We have nightmare stories of being stuck on projects against our will for also a third of a year!

So as much as we are ready to assist on projects, we do have certain factors and criteria that need to be met before we sign onto a project. These factors will then determine duration, responsibilities and remuneration on the project.

If you seek to unlock business and personal goals using digital products, whether it is a long-term partnership to develop your digital product over years, or you have that digital idea / dream you are finally ready to embark on, or need assistance on a running digital project to get it over the finish line. Kujenga Digital is the right partner for you.

Get in touch and let us discuss your digital product plans, visions and dreams.

Let us see how we can turn them into a reality.