Reach your target audience more accurately and in more cost effective way than with traditional advertising channels like press or TV

Our display advertising services will help you reach qualified prospects and generate excellent sales leads with high potential for conversion.

Display is a type of PPC advertising where ads appear on third party websites next to content that’s relevant to your product or of interest to your target audience. Ads can take the form of banners, text, images and video.


Users can be targeted at different stages of the buying cycle, putting them into the start or middle of your conversion funnel.

With KD, your display campaigns are able to reach the users you are truly interested in and who you know will be interested in you. For instance you know your customers are young men between the age of 25 and 34 with no kids who are car enthusiasts with particular interest in performance and luxury vehicles but who also like cooking and listening to jazz.

Rather than solely focusing on increasing the number of eyeballs that see your ads, we also focus on generating site traffic that will stay on-site, convert and reach your goals, whether that be generating sales, leads or other priority site goals.

With programmatic display advertising we would use all that valuable consumer insight and transform it into highly focused display advertising strategy.

We begin by defining your objectives, then devise a strategy focused on achieving campaign targets and delivering on KPIs. Our team then begin work on bringing your campaign to life using developed and refined best practice methodologies. We then help you to reach and connect with your audience at any given time of day, on all devices and on pages your customers find interesting.

Our daily optimization approach is far different than media buying, in which the strategy is solely a set-it-and-forget-it-until-the-monthly-report approach without any optimization or real analysis of the performance.

We also provide extensive reports and hold regular client calls to ensure our clients are informed of their ad performance and can communicate that success to their stakeholders. We provide display ad management services which are considerably more than just “buying media.”

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