Spend less time on setup and customization and more investing in stronger relationships with your contacts.

We offer a customized, powerful Email + CRM tools service streamlined for growth-focused entrepreneurs and businesses

We know time is your most precious resource. You shouldn’t have to waste it fussing with complicated email platforms. Your email list is your most valuable asset. Email marketing allows you to spend less time and money, while getting more engagement and sales:

  • The average Return On Investment (ROI) for email marketing is R550 for every R15 spent
  • Email keeps customers coming back for more! It costs FIVE TIMES more to attract a new customer than to keep your existing ones.
  • Email is the most effective channel for generating sales according to 59% of B2B marketers

We help you achieve more engagement and sales by focusing on 5 areas:

    Getting Signups

    You select the type of signup form you’d like to create. The most common forms are pop-up forms and embed forms. The pop-up forms are the ones that show up automatically after a web visitor is on your page for a specific amount of time. The embed forms can be placed in a sidebar, footer and everywhere else on your site you need!

    We design a signup form that matches your company’s website and style—your brand.

    When someone completes your signup form, what page do they see next and what will their confirmation email say? We ensure the confirmation message matches the signup form and the page thanking someone for opting in is welcoming and uplifting.

    We finally publish your Signup form on your website, no matter what platform or technology you are using.


    Greet signups

    A Welcome Email is the one email marketing strategy every single business should be using.

    Creating high effective Welcome emails require: Timing; Catchy & Clear Subject Lines; Warm Welcome; Clear actions on what to do next; Deliver on your promise when they signed up; and Keeping it simple

    1. We create a Welcome campaign
    2. Design a Welcome Email based on actual user data, testing and iterations

    Re-engage lost customers

    Across the globe, that cart abandonment rate is greater than 75%! There is some good news: abandoned cart emails are opened by nearly 45% of subscribers. Additionally, of those opening the abandoned cart emails, 21% of those click to return to your website.

    You can sell to those cart abandoners! Abandoned cart emails see a conversion rate of about 10%! Even better news: you can automate your abandoned cart emails! That means you’re closing those sales that would have otherwise been lost without spending any more of your valuable time.

    1. Collect information on why people are abandoning your cart, then create and test abandoned cart strategies that match your business and reason(s) for cart abandonment
    2. Create an abandoned cart email that focuses on: offers that work well for your customer and your business such as free shipping, discounts & bundles; timing of when to send the email; and with website tracking, you can trigger emails to be sent based on users visiting any URL from your website.

    Get feedback from customers

    Successful email marketing means doing customer-centric marketing that delivers value to your subscribers.

    After all, a mere 5 percent uptick in customer retention can net you 25% more profit. That’s why serving the needs of your customers serves your business.

    One way to know you’re succeeding is by asking for feedback. Let them tell you what they want!

    Surveys and polls are built into email marketing features to help you get valuable feedback from your customers and subscribers.

    Advantages of sending surveys and polls to request feedback are: They start a conversation; Fast and easy; Innovative ideas; Alleviates pressure; and See immediate results.

    Getting proper customer feedback and acting on it can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company.

    We recommend a two-step strategy to request feedback from customers:

    1. Get Your Customers’ Overall Satisfaction Rating:
      1. Email your customer as soon as possible to request their overall service rating.
      2. Make sure to leave enough time for your customer to experience the product or service. If you have to ship a product, make sure to wait long enough for the product to arrive and for the customer to try it.
      3. Go straight to the point. From subject line to email copy, don’t try to dance around the question.
    2. Request the Review
      1. Online word of mouth has a huge influence on a person’s purchasing decisions. 93 percent of buyers are influenced by reviews and testimonials.
      2. Again, keep your email and subject line simple and to the point. The more direct and easy you make the process, the more likely your subscriber will be to respond.
      3. We suggest asking for public reviews on 3rd-party sites. Having reviews on your own website is a good thing too, but you can always copy them from reviews that are hosted on 3rd-party sites. Reviews and Testimonials on other sites have more authority and validity to potential buyers.

      Retaining existing clients


      It Costs 5x More to Attract a New Customer Than To Sell to Existing Ones, So Create a Long-Term Email Marketing Plan for Retention.

      Most people who land on this page are looking for a quick win on a short term email campaign. But if you’ve read this far, you’re probably a bit more serious about email and are interested in a long term strategy as well.

      It’s far more time consuming and costly to find new customers. It’s far easier and more cost effective to sell to your existing ones.

      That’s why it’s important to plan for both the short-term and the long-term with your email marketing plan.

      Campaigns like a Welcome Email can have a large impact on your sales in the short-term. It’s a great strategy right out of the gates for any email marketer.

      Creating emails to keep your customers in the purchase cycle and have them coming back for more time and again will benefit your business for the long haul. These types of long-term campaigns must also be factored into your email marketing plan.

      Here are some ideas on keeping your subscribers, customers and leads engaged long term:

      1. Setup Inactivity Triggers. Set alerts for subscribers who stop opening your emails and attempt a re-engagement strategy. Get their feedback on why they aren’t opening your emails anymore.
      2. Customers who haven’t visited your store in a while. Send them a special email based on previous purchases or specials.
      3. Recurring Customers. Engage your loyal customers as often as possible. Some businesses tend to not want to bother customers who frequent their store. However, these are also subscribers who share your emails and talk about their experience with your business with others. Obviously, don’t overdo it, but test your limits with how often you can send.
      4. Properly Segment and Organize your Lists. Having organized and properly segmented lists allow you to send the right email to the right person at the perfect time. This will result in higher email engagement, happier customers and increase sales. Common segments to customers lists are by product categories, the amount spent and number of purchases.

      Don’t lose any more of your valuable time with tedious setup and customization and stay focused on the reason you’re using email marketing in the first place: bringing your vision to life.

      Having a sound email marketing plan allows you to focus on the parts of your business that you love. While you doing that, your email marketing plan will:

      • Captures new leads and customers. Capitalize on the traffic coming to your website!

      • Doubles your returning customers. After all, your customers are also your warmest leads.

      • Brings back visitors who abandon cart. Don’t miss out on hot leads!

      • Gets automated feedback from customers. Use this information to improve, create more engagement and sell more.

      Need any help for how you can get email to work for you? Get in touch now !

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