It’s all about getting your company on the first page of search engine results.

We offer online marketers, business owners and SEO companies the search engine optimization solutions that they really need without stressing about what SEO really is.

If you want to make the most out of SEO, with a mind of growing your online business, you will need a personalized plan.

When social media can’t provide your potential customer the solution they are looking, they go to Google and usually pick the first link that matches what they want ON THE FIRST PAGE.

Are you on the first page of the searches with the ACTUAL WORDS your customer types on Google?

Search Optimization has become more critical than ever.

With Google holding 96.8% of all searches done in Africa, are you optimizing all your digital content, information and value with the right keywords your potential customers use to find solutions to their pain points that your products and services solve?

Don’t worry about all this, you have enough on your plate as is. We have a process and system in place to handle all your SEO activities while you work on other parts of the business.

Our process is as follows:

Set Up

  1.  Pick a package
  2. Enter your website and targeted keywords.
  3. Not sure about the keywords? No problem, let us handle the keyword research for you.


  1. We perform an in-depth research and SEO audit.
  2. Then we develop and implement custom SEO and Link Building strategy to get you to the top


  1. We track how your website reacts to our work by monitoring your keyword rankings on the daily basis.


  1. We provide you with custom reports, so you can see how your website performs within the search engines.

Have more free time for taking care of other tasks which are related to running your online business! Let our SEO activities and efforts get you to the first page of the search results from the words your customers use to find solutions to their problems only your products and services can provide, so you have more access and opportunity to make that sale!

We guarantee to improve your rankings for specific keywords when comparing to the 1st day when the services begun. For example, if keyword1 on the 1st day of service is ranking #100 we guarantee to get you better ranking for that keyword as long as you are signed up for the services.

Get in touch and let us discuss how we can improve your search positions

Let us see how we can make you appear on the first page for what your customers are searching for