Tired of not making enough money or losing too much money?

Let us blow away the smoke and noise getting in the way of your customer success

Have you sat with yourself wondering...

"We did everything right... I don't see how that could have gone wrong"?

Stop beating yourself up! It was not your fault!

The fault lies in you were told to aim in the wrong direction. You were given the wrong target / focus to chase.

This service was created from years, even decades of personal and client experiences of fighting one's way to true sustainable customer success.

With every success and victory earned, one cause reared its ugly head almost all the time... A lack of focus on your true customer or stakeholder.

We are here to correct this. We are here to shed light on your situation. We are here to blow the smoke away

So all you are left is you, your direct view to your true target customer and market and what you want them to do with you

Our Features

Built and Designed with you in Mind

Know who buys from you

Identify who your true target customer, their habits, why they buy from you and how to make them come back for more based on real data in your business right now!

Enter your customer's mind

Enter the mind of this customer by understanding what words and language they use to find products & services like yours, how they live their lives an hour at a time.

Locate future Customers

We shall show you how to know your true customer on the internet and in real-life and where to find them and others like them.

Ideally Position Yourself

Know how to position your products & services to this customer through understand what theu focus on and don't

Appeal to their emotions

Discover your true customer's hopes, dreams, fears, concerns and pains so you know how to address them with care and authenticity.

Beat your competition

Learn and understand your ideal customer more than your competition, so you know how to connect to them better than they could.

The Process

How we do find your true target customer?

The process takes about 3 - 5 working days to complete requiring your key input from management, sales and marketing staff.

Understand your problems - Get to know the situation

We will have a 60 min session to first understand why we are here sitting with you, what you hope to achieve, what stands in your way and what scares about where you are right now.

Examine Your Customers - see what they are doing

We look at your existing customer data to figure out who has being buying from you, what products, the frequency and how much in order to start creating real-life insights.

Look for the patterns & signs - from within the brand or business

We discuss the customer data to learn more of these customers. you share your experiences against our research and data and we learn the details of your customers from your stories.

Assess the customer patterns - against marketing activities

We analyse this data against your marketing/branding efforts and your competition. This is done to confirm the patterns and behaviours correspond to marketing & advertising efforts from you and the competition.

Perform more Customer Research - How they behave online

We then perform various kinds of customer research (interviews, surveys, keyword. research, social media research, etc). This helps us understand how they go about looking for information on your products/services online.

Refine the insights some more - combine all notes and research

We create key insights by combining our research form the various stages along with what we know of your customer from you, the client and business data to create your True Target Market Profile.

Create your True Target Market Profile - the tool for you act with

We will then present you with a document that outlines: Demographics, Physcographics, How they live a day, Langauge they use, What digital channels they use, Keywords they use to find you and How you can take advantage of this information.

Our Final Debrief - before you go conquer your markets

We then have our final 30 min session on what is in the document, what each section can do for your business and how you can use it immediately to bring results in your business.

So how much?

This will pay for itself 4 times over in 6 weeks... or your money back gauranteed!

Limited Offer (50% off)

Limited TimeSpecial

R2 999

The True Target Market package gets you to access to the following:

  • 4 Hours - Brand Analysis
  • 4 Hours - Customer Data Analysis
  • 12 Hours - Brand & Customer Research
  • True Target Market Profile Document